Our Investors

Lyndhurst was founded in 2009 on the belief that there was an opportunity for a disciplined and experienced marketing firm focused on core principles. Our industry had become too focused on recommending managers based on their probability to outperform in the short term. We believed there was an under serviced minority who would benefit from learning about managers not focused on expanding their business to the detriment of their investment returns.

“Because investors are not usually penalized for adhering to conventional practices, doing so is the less professionally risky strategy, even though it virtually guarantees against superior performance.”

– Seth Klarman, The Baupost Group

Targeted investors for our managers should have long term investment horizons and share our views as it relates to portfolio concentration, fund size and ownership structure. Our investor-partners tend to include family offices, wealth managers, endowments and foundations. On balance, these allocator-types are less constrained by institutional limitations often imposed by larger plans.

We believe that the composition of the investor base of a smaller, capacity-conscious fund is crucial. Accordingly, we encourage our managers to be selective when partnering with investors. The type of capital that a firm manages can change the way that capital is managed. The stability of an investor base allows a manager to make longer term investment decisions and mitigates the disruptions of "hot money" inflows and outflows.

If you are an Accredited Investor or financial professional interested in learning more about our managers, please email Todd Peters at tpeters@lyndhurstllc.com.