“In our experience, the best chance to unlock success comes from identifying an investment manager at maximum motivation. This is most readily found in smaller owner-operator firms whose principals invest the majority of their investable net worth in their own fund. "

— Todd Peters, Director of Research
Lyndhurst Investment Partners

About Lyndhurst Investment Partners

Lyndhurst Investment Partners, LLC is a boutique company whose focus is identifying and partnering with emerging, limited-capacity investment managers. Managers represented by Lyndhurst share a commitment to bottom-up, fundamental research, are benchmark agnostic and run concentrated portfolios of their highest conviction ideas. Our managers must have sound and survivable business structures. The principals at these firms have proven to be skillful owners and operators.

The Lyndhurst edge comes from the complementary skill sets of the Firm’s principals. Our decades of experience in business development and manager research enables us to identify strategies early, prepare managers for the due diligence process and effectively deliver them to receptive clientele. Our due diligence process is intensive. It requires that we get to know each manager over an extended period. Rigorous analysis of the strategy (with particular focus on holdings, leverage and cash levels) and a thorough understanding of the business side of the enterprise are paramount.

We build relationships with asset allocators who are long-term oriented investors. These include: family offices, wealth managers, endowments and foundations. In our experience, this universe of allocators can be less constrained by the limitations often imposed by the ‘”efficient market” gatekeepers. Our fundamental belief in the advantages afforded to smaller managers guides our focus towards identifying supportive investors who understand the significance of this differentiation.

Core Principles

Investment Philosophy

Only work with managers who have a clearly defined investment process that focuses on bottom up fundamental analysis.

Managers must have a strict value discipline. We understand that value can be defined in different ways. Managers must have a successful, proven process.

Managers must commit to limiting AUM and running concentrated portfolios.