Founder's Letter

My partner, Todd Peters, and I formed Lyndhurst Investment Partners in 2009, after observing several alarming trends in the investment management industry. Too much emphasis on growth of AUM and efficient market theory presented an opportunity for managers focused solely on compounding higher returns for their clients.

Todd and I forged a strong professional and personal relationship over many years, often crossing paths as we traversed the country searching for investors that shared our core beliefs and managers that adhered to them. As a senior marketing executive for a mid-size investment management company, I had worked with Todd as he performed due diligence on the firm I represented. We both understood that, although we had different skill sets and professional experiences, we shared the same passion for working with smart, honest and disciplined managers and investors.

Over the past two decades, we’ve watched in astonishment as the investment management business grew ever larger and more homogenous. We often discussed the pitfalls of size and conformity, and imagined the day we could offer investors a more thoughtful and dynamic option based on our shared principles.

Lyndhurst Investment Partners is the realization of that vision.

David Yazdan, CEO & Founding Partner